Tuesday, January 13, 2015

I'm Lost among #Poem

Far inland I was torn from my family
Marched in a  coffle line to the shore
Embarked like a rack- on board in a floating tomb
Through the triangular route
Silence tore my heart out
And I was consumed by anger

I couldn't stand the absolute power
it felt like a spell cast over me

With the language barriers
of different religions and distinct cultures
I could barely  greet anyone
Through the eyes of my chain-mates
I would communicate
The power of fear ascended

and we all felt its presence
We auctioned away from our loved ones

No hope of reunion
With their sweats penetrated my skin
I could feed my thirst
Punishing was to lash for down strength
I would force to pick up my strength
Looking back again today

Knowing a past pain
my true identity can't ever be known

The blur memories of my past ancestors-
can't ever be cleared
I'm a lost child among...
I bear my master last name
I sometimes forget  to respond
when it is being called
Simply, tap my shoulder
and call it twice
When a name is all that's left
For I know, I'm a lost child among
and my last name is X.
But My spirituality is the one thing that keeps me whole.

  © 2011 by _Patricia Etienne
All rights reserved

Monday, October 27, 2014

~No limit kindness~ #Poem #Poetry

Judge me three times before Hephaestus
Judge me seven times before Aeglaeca
Judge me twenty one times before Abaddon
Many judgments hath unleashed upon my way
Great old voice reads the verdict out loud 
Alas! Does not generate the thinking
However, palm of hands execute the ruling
Until proven dirty, they're yet clean
Judge me thirty three times before Ravana
Judge me, treat me without mercy
For He the pure, above all evil gods
Forgive me seventy times seven
Unlimited I am!
© 2011 by _Patricia Etienne
All rights reserved

Monday, October 13, 2014

Ebola #EbolaPoem #Poetry #Poem

We are in a blind spot; we like to see across the veil. It seems like we are scrying for answers, but the sign is pointing nowhere. We sigh with magnitude of clueless. We all questioning… is pestilence at large? Halas! The puzzle remains broken on the board, while somewhere in Liberia is wiping off the map and the US nation is mourning by anxiety. Again… questions are flying like snow falling from a daunted sky. Considering “Bat soup” has been serving for ages in Liberia, which classifies Ebola as the convicted killer? Why now the incubation period is on the rise? Like an orchestrated pestilence, with no mercy on the human organs and tissues- that is killing by many. What will be the verdict eventually? How can we see from a bigger picture?
© 2014 by _Patricia Etienne
All rights reserved

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

On Writing #Writing #Revision

Revision is by far the golden stage in the writing process. The goal is to nip out parts that aren't connected and brings maximum effect.  

Sunday, August 24, 2014

On Writing #Writing

That’s the learning experience of it. Each time I write a new story, I find myself moving up the ladder. And from there, I’m able to trace my writing journey and identify my standard. With that being said  writing tool can be honed through recursive process, time and practice.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Nurturing Bull #father'sdaypoem #poetry #happyfather'sday

As the Bull runs along the farm
Peace reigns over the barn
Privileged Bullock has no disarray on his pathway
Happy time is utterly meaningful
Sun rises like crystal diamond rock
Shadow dare not pause above horizon crest
The safe keeper works dusk till dawn
For his offspring to survive and succeed
As the Bull remains the theme of the piece
 And the puzzle keeps whole within the realm.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Paranormal/Supernatural/Thriller Writers #writing #onwriting

Today is Friday the 13th, considering a plethora of common superstitions that are connected with this day: Where all hell breaks loose, don’t circle around the electricity pole, wicked witches are parading on their brooms, shapeshifters could take your face to a crime spree, vampires are recruiting for their nest.  When the wind blows west and brings all the dark leaves to the east. Etc… Well, I’m planning to tackle on the rising action part of my story. (The Undercover of Darkness book 2)
 I feel it’s a day when your motivation juice can be on the rise; and ideas can swim down on the fictional lane.  Why not?  To all paranormal/supernatural/thriller writers, let’s sore this day with writing. As for me, I’m ready to bleed the words out of it with the tip of my pen. 
Happy writing all!!!