Saturday, March 16, 2013

Undercover of Darkness- Paranormal Fiction Novelette Book Trailer

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

What Does Writing Mean To You?

  Too often I see the same question in my poetry inbox “What does writing mean to you?” lots of time I just bury my face in my hands not knowing where to begin. I like everything about writing- the ability to expose subjective consciousness, conceptions and to bring imagination live on paper. Writing is an effective way to paint on anger and manifest happiness. Especially, In a place where  freedom of expression is limited, or censored. Writing can be used in forms of hyperbole, metaphor, similes, personification and so forth. It's like bringing a fairy tale to  life. I write what I hear, experienced and transcribe feelings from the pit of my stomach. Writing is  like an ongoing show that never ends, except for recess time. Writing consumed lots of time and creativity- an engagement that cannot go a day unnoticed; because consistency is needed in order to be in category of those with the velvet pen caps.

Tips to use when creative juices just at bottom rock:

1)Writer's block is not a problem that you can spitball easily; it needs to look at carefully and know the right exercise to do when it occurs.

a)Good night sleep, ample nap during the daytime, the brain needs to flow oxygen in order to think effectively.

Be kind to your brain.

2)Music serves as the power house of the cognitive neurological process in the brain; depending upon the types of music that spike up your intellectual aspirations (Slow, Country, Rock, Gospel, Hip-hop, Reggae, etc.)

Pick one word for a song that you're listening to, and then jot down on paper unconsciously until your fingers are exhausted.

Good ideas come from experiments.

3) Take a long walk on the road/park/garden- walking stimulates brain cells and generates sensory imaginations. All help to incorporate vivid images in your writing.

Expose yourself to the world

4)Engaging strangers into conversation- developing the skill of talking to strangers can open a spectrum of ideas, also one of the easiest ways to improve The character-building strategies and traits.

Be open minded.