Sunday, May 19, 2013

This Man Has No Best Friend (Tammy)

I can't seem to wash this blood off my hands. It's all in my nails and in the crack of my palms. God, she made me do it. She just couldn't stop talking! However, I will be okay. I just change my name, move to another state, no... another country and then start a new life. Yeah, that's what I'll do! I will start a new life.
But then...

Hashish! There is a knock on the door. (My heart goes tadap, tadap)

Who could it be?

Do you think someone heard her screams of terror and called the police?

Do you think they found some sort of evidence that would link over to me?

Maybe I was followed!

Oh my boots! There is blood on them. (I'm biting my nails.)

Maybe I left bloody footprints leading to my place. (Knock, knock!)

Uh, uh! Should I open the door? (Hard knocking on the door.)

“Who is it?” I ask. But there is no one there.

“Who is it?” I ask another time. Still no answer.

I open the door to find no one. Okay... I think I'm making this too big of a deal.

Just relax, take a nice shower, and put yourself to bed Henry.

Yes, yes. That's what I will do.

Yeah! Put myself to bed.

I sat in that bathtub instead. I couldn't bear to stand up; because my knees were to weak. Huh...

Silence at last. With every minute that passed by, I felt to less regret for my action. I was glad I did it.

Ever since she came into my house, there has been no such thing as silence. Again, I was glad. I held her blond hair in between my fingers, and I slit her throat. Even her last minutes on earth were nothing but noise. But all is fair in love and war.

Now, my hands are starting to shrivel; time to get out of the water. Ugh. It's as if I'm seeing a mirror in the tub- if not, that is a reflection. I can't seem to stare at myself. However, I do notice this man that stands in front of me. I like this man. He represents everything I am not. No, he represents everything I have now become. (TAP, TAP)

What was that? That sound is so familiar. I know I have heard it before.


There it went again, that annoying sound!

It aches my head, and makes my ears feel as though they are bleeding.

I've gotten rid of you. I know I have. Now your ghost is here to haunt me.

Can't you leave me alone?

Can't I sleep for once?

Your blood dripped from my hands. I have proof that you are gone.

The noise stopped. I guessed I showed him whose the man aloud here. For this, man has no best friend.

Tomorrow I will plan my getaway to another country. I will be damned, if I spent time in prison for you. I made the world a better place by getting rid of you; one down and a million more to go. (Yawn)

Well, that's enough pondering for tonight. Now all I have to do is just close my eyes.

“Hello honey we're home.” My wife calls out from the front door. Grrr. No sleep for me yet.

“Tammy! Tammy! Where are you girl?” Calls out my ten years-old daughter.

Melinda. “Daddy, where is Tammy?”

“Gee I don't know. She was here a minute ago.” I reply.

My wife says to me. “It's not like her not to greet Melinda at the door.”

I kept my cool. Meanwhile, Melinda came back fro the room sounded in tears.

Melinda. “Daddy! Tammy is gone!”

As I fake my reaction. “Oh no honey, really? Give it time, maybe she went out for a little air. She will be back.”

My wife says. “No. It's way too late for her to be out; I'll have to call the cops.”

My knees began to shake as she picked up the phone.

“Hello, yes. I'm calling for a... (Knock, knock.)

God, there it goes again. My heart goes- (Tadap-tadap)

I say. Melinda, go and check who is at the door.”

She opened the door only to find a cop holding a piece of a gold medal in his hand.

The cop asks. “Excuse little girl, where is your mother?”

My wife hangs up the phone and then asks. “Here I am. What's the problem here?

The cop says. “Well, I find this gold medal that leads us to the address of your house.” He hands over the gold medal to my wife.

She cries. “Oh no, not Tammy!”

The cop asks. “was this your dog ma'am?”

As I'm trying to comfort my wife. “honey don't cry. She is gone now. Tammy is gone. I did for us. You”

Oups! I say too much. What the hell is wrong with you Henry?

She screams. “Did what Henry?”

She pulls my pajama top “Did what Henry?”

The cop asks. “Did you kill your dog sir?”

Melinda Screams. “Daddy no, how could you?”

I tried so hard to hold it in, but my foolish pride wouldn't let me. I was so proud of what I did.

I say. “Yes, I killed that damn dog. And I am happy I did it. There has been nothing but noise since we bought her, but no more of that!”

(Slap!) It was more shocking than pain. My wife gave me the most discussing look and walked away.

Now the cop places the handcuff on my wrists. He then says. “You are under arrest for the murder of your own dog Tammy.”

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Religion, Faith and Power

You're asking me what has been wrong with my temper lately?

Jeez I don't know. Do you ever consider that I'm human there's only so much I can take?

Hold it right there.

Enough of all that crap.

The world is just going hocus pocus around me.

Uh, Uh that's how I see it. That's how I feel it, That's how I sense it.

Enough! I'm tired of showing a grin when my heart is really gloomy on the inside.

Saying good morning- when really I don't give a hoot
See, what's the common denominator in all this? Religion and Power.

As a child, I was brought up in a strict Catholic environment. My Grand-Mama read a Jesus' story every night. I had to say a prayer before bed. To prove my facts right, I attended Catholic school from primary to secondary school. So the Catholic scripture could transparently be seen on my forehead- a euphemism, for 'We Catholic know best!' I would go to mass every Sunday- confession every first Saturday of the month- There were golden rules in the house I couldn't dare to break- not even a notch. For instance, helping others was one of the rules. And I could never deny a fair hand to someone in needs.
As my life continued to unfold behind the dogmas of the Catholic church. I remained the same sweet person. I would do just anything and almost everything to please people. Basically, the word no has never inscribed in my vocabulary. But as the clouds go clearer took away the dark dots off my eyes. I developed more common ground than difference. I flushed off the guilt injected in me all those years. I switched the button from being passive to assertive. In the essence, I came to identify the phonies and pathetic Dicks around.
Now my tongue does not tie around Virgin Mary's belt buckle anymore. I'm at liberty to say any goddamn thing I please. Yes I am!

People with power can be overriding for dominance over other people— to make certain their beliefs and desire stand strong, or become reality. These douche bags are trying to turn this Myth into reality. “Power equals cash, votes and muscles.” They're out there looking forward to using and abusing others. They prey on good-hearted people— especially those with Christian backgrounds, and those who take a strong belief in Good versus Evil. They used their power to intimidate, their leverage to abuse and as a pawn in being vindictive. They tend to suck dry the juice out of my prune. And when I finally find the courage to say no. Yeah, I out-performing them, and now things don't go their way- I'm guilty as charged. Their claws come out like a cat, their skin color turn that really proves who they truly are.

My faith may be awry a little, but I'm to keep my broken body whole. I'll stay alert from now on— not to respond to every knock at my door. If it's for Religion and Power, certain regrettable things are not required of me.

Well, don't addle!


You do understand why I'm having such tamper tantrum right?