Monday, May 26, 2014

The cripple and The granted #multiplesclerosis #MS #poetry

All knit in the context of her own way.
The continuous unsatisfactory results
Whining, nagging about all
Nothing goes right by her.
~ ~
When she’s given gold, she rather have diamond
The stone is neither too big nor shine enough
Asking why the sun isn't shine enough.
Living in the illusion of her own fantasy
~ ~
 is born with a silver spoon in her mouth.
Yet, unable to taste a swell
 whipped cream
So miserable and self-center

She’s unable to spot life in one happy moment.
~ ~

At the entrance of the social club
 comes in a young woman in a wheelchair.
Breathtakingly beautiful with a cafe mocha complexion
All men in the alley are awestruck by her beauty.
~ ~
However, Multiple Sclerosis has crippled her down.
Nevertheless, her spirit, mind, and soul stay whole
laughing, joking, with no measure.
Certainly, a thrill of life appreciation
~ ~
This unappreciated being
Sitting on the other end witness it all.
Start to confront her own inner self
Now seeking within her soul.
~ ~
Questioning her inability to see the light
Then, she comes to realize her ungraciousness causes pain.
She found the conceivable answer.
And she's no longer taking life for granted.
© 2008 by _Patricia Etienne
All rights reserved.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

My great pride #poetry

O' this flag 
I live and walk under 
How my heart 
Eternally sings 
The song of bliss
When I watch it floats
High, so high
Below sky blue
My brave ancestors…
Their nonpareil efforts
Vigorously fought for their country
So they did!
They so very did!
Breaking out of slavery
In vertieres 1803
Battle of freedom
And so independence was to initiate
In Venezuela, they sought for the cloth
Through heavy sea waves
Many perished at sea below
Brought on land the torn cloth
Lady Catherine Flon,
Heart of a great patriot
Heroine of forever time
With her last seed of strength
And through difficulties to greatness
She used strands of her hair as threads
to stitch the torn cloth.
So thought by
The Great Emperor
The disposition of colors and symbolization
Black for geographical parameters
Where sun rises and sets
Red for all blood shed
Which later changed to red and blue
Symbol of palm tree for endurance
Labor, devotion, freedom
With the motto “Unity is strength"
Floating flag
In the land of Haiti
On the account of victory!
So this flag continues to wave before my eyes
My heart pumps blood of joy
Each breath inhale, each breath a smile
I cherish my freedom.
I honor my ancestors.
My pride is all I have!

© 2009 by _Patricia Etienne
All rights reserved

Sunday, May 11, 2014

~* Love beyond the Limit*~ #happymother'sday #poetry

Repetitive nature of breathing
long hours of waiting
while labor is latent
It feels like a getaway with beautiful images
Wonder how it will look like
So unfortunate when the fully dilated cervix-
rises the pain level
Carries all imaginations to realness
Outrageous pain, almost unexplainable,
but associated with the consequences of women's sin
Nonetheless, the push, push
With many concerns:
Fear of fainting episodes,
Umbilical cord knots,
Bridge position,
and the sound of it cries-
eliminates the worry for a possible stillbirth.

Along arrives birth,
The glance at this little bundle
Amazingly, desensitized all the pain
An astonishing moment!
Begins the conjugation of love
The sense of pride
The glory mounts
The feeling of completeness
Nurture begins
Mother love
Unconditional that is
A story of dedication
A dazzling shield of light
Mother’s heart
Is as white as snow
Pure as always
Altruistic love, can't ever be doubted
Can't ever be questioned
The pearl below the deep blue sea
Mother love is beyond the limit.

© 2011 by _Patricia Etienne
All rights reserved