Friday, February 28, 2014

The Undercover of Darkness- Book one of a trilogy #ebay


Friday, February 14, 2014

The Undercover of Darkness (Book One) #booklaunched in FIVE days

One woman’s chance to start over is marred with evil in Patricia Etienne’s adrenaline-pumping young adult novel, The Undercover of Darkness. Faced with a horrifying discovery, a young widow must fight for her life—and the lives of her children—to stop an unspeakable terror from taking over the town. Bonise-Ann is a recent widow just trying to get back on her feet. With her three young children in tow, she flees the heartbreaking memories that linger in her hometown of Norwalk, Connecticut, and sets out for a new destination: Gleeson, Arizona. A veritable ghost town, Gleeson is where Bonise-Ann is determined to start her new life. There she’ll stay in the house of her late husband’s relative, the devastatingly sweet Aunt Nellie. Upon arriving, the house Bonise-Ann expects turns out to be a sprawling mansion. Gorgeous but eerily empty feeling, the mansion gives Bonise-Ann a strange and unsettling feeling. Instead of leaving, however, Bonise-Ann struggles to make sense of her surroundings—all the while trying to keep calm for her children’s sake. But things take a turn for the bizarre when Bonise-Ann stumbles across a horrific secret: buried underneath the benign exterior of the lonely town lies an underground witch’s coven that has entranced most of the male population in Gleeson. This terrifying plot extends even to the authorities, who prove no help to Bonise-Ann at all. Having unearthed the coven’s identity, Bonise-Ann and her children are held hostage within the cavernous mansion. Denied some much needed medicine, Bonise-Ann must find a way to escape her makeshift prison or risk losing everything—and everyone—she loves. Can Bonise-Ann find a way to fight against the undercover of darkness? Or will she be doomed forever in a town wracked with evil? Find out in this taut thriller that will leave readers guessing until the very last page.