Friday, June 13, 2014

Paranormal/Supernatural/Thriller Writers #writing #onwriting

Today is Friday the 13th, considering a plethora of common superstitions that are connected with this day: Where all hell breaks loose, don’t circle around the electricity pole, wicked witches are parading on their brooms, shapeshifters could take your face to a crime spree, vampires are recruiting for their nest.  When the wind blows west and brings all the dark leaves to the east. Etc… Well, I’m planning to tackle on the rising action part of my story. (The Undercover of Darkness book 2)
 I feel it’s a day when your motivation juice can be on the rise; and ideas can swim down on the fictional lane.  Why not?  To all paranormal/supernatural/thriller writers, let’s sore this day with writing. As for me, I’m ready to bleed the words out of it with the tip of my pen. 
Happy writing all!!!