Tuesday, January 13, 2015

I'm Lost among #Poem

Far inland I was torn from my family
Marched in a  coffle line to the shore
Embarked like a rack- on board in a floating tomb
Through the triangular route
Silence tore my heart out
And I was consumed by anger

I couldn't stand the absolute power
it felt like a spell cast over me

With the language barriers
of different religions and distinct cultures
I could barely  greet anyone
Through the eyes of my chain-mates
I would communicate
The power of fear ascended

and we all felt its presence
We auctioned away from our loved ones

No hope of reunion
With their sweats penetrated my skin
I could feed my thirst
Punishing was to lash for down strength
I would force to pick up my strength
Looking back again today

Knowing a past pain
my true identity can't ever be known

The blur memories of my past ancestors-
can't ever be cleared
I'm a lost child among...
I bear my master last name
I sometimes forget  to respond
when it is being called
Simply, tap my shoulder
and call it twice
When a name is all that's left
For I know, I'm a lost child among
and my last name is X.
But My spirituality is the one thing that keeps me whole.

  © 2011 by _Patricia Etienne
All rights reserved